Spring Has Sprung

It is a gorgeous spring day here in New England.  We are having unseasonably warm temperatures and everyone is enjoying this gift.  I thought I would look back and see if I had created any “spring-like” postcards in the past that I could repost today.  I found this one called Spring Jewel.   I have put the original description of how I created it below.  It includes glass bead medium, which caught the light when I took the photograph , and added a nice effect.  Enjoy and happy spring!

The colors of spring continue to influence my art this week.  I started this piece by pressing some green paint and gloss medium between some wax paper and then pressing it onto my card.  To this I added glass bead medium.  Once that had dried I went around the edges in black watercolor and added a red-orange accent to the middle.  I left the piece for a few hours and came back to complete it.  It needed more so I added yellow to the black around the edges trying to remove more of the remaining white.  That improved it, but as usual I still wasn’t satisfied.  The finishing touch was returning to the magenta that I used yesterday.  I took a nice and watery full brush of color and applied it to the center area.  It bled and ran just a bit and to me looked wonderful.  I added some more accents around the edges and declared it done.

Winter Lace

This is the newest miniature that I created this week.  I put a nice, icy blue as a base and waited overnight for it to dry.  This morning I spread some glass bead medium over the surface and then etched in it with a sharp point.  Once it was dry I loved the way it looked, but the design was hard to see.  I decided what it needed was a wash of a darker color to bring out the pattern in the glass bead medium.  I like how it looks now but the watercolor wash took the shiny brilliance away from the medium.  I think the final step will be to put a glossy top coat over the surface.  Though I took this with my flash attached it looks rather dark.  I’m not sure it was working properly!  Enjoy!

Color Blocks

This miniature collage started in one place and ended in another.  Another example of my art telling where it needs to go!  I began by applying a thick layer of gesso to a large postcard.  Once it was dry I drew designs on it with a water-soluble crayon and softened it with water.  Today began using watercolor to add detail to the surface.  But unfortunately I ended up with what looked like a face, and an unhappy one at that.  So, I had some tissue paper close at hand and began applying it in small pieces.  As I went along the pieces grew larger and the result much more compelling.  I love the color blocks in this and the way you can see through the layers.  It was a good start to my day and though I would love to move onto my large canvas  right now the grocery store beckons.  Ugh!

Floral Burst

This is a miniature that I created before Thanksgiving.  However, with the holiday I just couldn’t manage to get it posted.  That and the fact that my husband was working at my desk!  I had applied a layer of black acrylic mixed with matte medium.  I liked it but it was dark.  Once it had dried I mixed a few bright colors on a piece of wax paper and then pressed/swirled it onto the surface.  I let that layer dry and then did some coloring over the textured surface with red, yellow and white crayons.  The last step was to apply a thin layer of glass bead medium.  I’m thinking I didn’t need that last step but I am happy with the result.  It looks like a mass of beautiful blooms to me.  What do you see?

Floral Burst

I just played to create this one.  I started with a thin layer of gesso.  I painted onto the ends with blue and orange watercolor and let the paint run towards the center.  I was a bit dull so I started peeling dried matte medium from my work table and gluing it down!  I liked the color and texture.  I accentuated it by painted over it and outlining parts of the shapes that were appearing.  I took some green acrylic and painted in the white areas as they were too stark.  I like the final result.

Watery Color Streams

The Edge – Hopkinton Cultural Arts Association

The Edge – Hopkinton Cultural Art Association

September 30, 2011 – October 28, 2011

Reception: September 30, 2011 6:30 – 8:30

The exhibit, curated by Jane Young of the Chase Young Gallery in Boston, hosts a wide variety of artwork.  Two of my pieces, Winter Ascent: Map 1, and Fractured Reality, will be on display.  I’d love to see you if you have the chance to stop by the reception!

Winter Ascent: Map 1 – Paper, acrylic and watercolor – 16:w x 20″h

Altered Book Spread 6

Here is the latest installment in my altered book.  I started this spread by gluing down two layers of tracing paper.  This gave me a nice textured surface from which to work.  I next mixed some green watercolor and applied a watery layer of it to the page enjoying the way in settled into the wrinkles on the paper.  Once that had dried I lightly dabbed the surface with gesso and then went further to rub some of the wrinkles with the gesso to pick up the design of the texture.  I added some blue and red watercolor over this but was not thrilled with the result.  Once that had dried a bit I went back over the entire surface with a watery layer of gesso tinted with a bit of watercolor.  I liked the pastel color of the surface after that application.  Today I added the marker designs at the bottoms of the pages.  The green was a bit stronger than I would’ve liked.  However, it does lend some nice contrast.  The pink was just the right intensity for the effect I was seeking.  Overall I am pleased with the result.

Project Prototypes

Hello all and happy Friday.  We made it through the week and now next week is school vacation.  Yay!  I hope to have some fun with my family.  I have an exciting idea for a new 3D piece that I am starting to plan out.  I am putting together some prototypes to try to work out the details before I get started in earnest.  I worked yesterday morning on the pieces below and now a friend has provided some input that may influence my direction.  Stay tuned for updates and to watch this piece evolve!


This is a piece I started some time ago and want to work on again.  I love the contrast of the washes of watercolor with the detail of the marker.  There are scraps of paper embedded within the design that give additional color and interest.  I put it together on a piece of canvas and I want to develop it more if I can decide where to start!  I called it Flight because I get the feeling of birds taking flight from some of the shapes.  They look like wings and necks – something you might see if a flock were suddenly to take flight.

Hidden and Exposed

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  My piece, Autumn Sentinels, has been juried into an online exhibition, called Hidden and Exposed, at Caladan Gallery.  The exhibit will be available for viewing starting Sunday, April 10th.  The gallery director, Marjorie Kaye, puts together beautiful and interesting online shows so stop by and check out this new one.  I have included excerpts from the press release below.  Have a great weekend!



PRESS CONTACT:  Marjorie Kaye@Caladan Gallery  (617) 838-8929

             CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition entitled “HIDDEN AND EXPOSED”.  Snow melts and underneath the surface is the face of flowers, plants and earth, making their way towards the inevitable and the ephemeral.  A thought is kept contained for reasons only known to the thinker.  A pulley in time executes the thought’s rapid delivery, thus creating a chain reaction of cause and effect.  The truth is found under festering lies.  The existence of more realms of outer space and the universe are revealed. 

            It is, perhaps, the perfect time of year to present this exhibition.  That which was previously hidden is coming to the surface, in the form of life and warmth.  Spring is a sign of renewal.  When this is transferred to the realms of emotion, memory, and identity, does the emergence of hidden complexity signify a return to innocence, a renewal of mind and soul?   Is there a parallel between the innocence of the blossoming in nature’s terms and the life of the soul?  The work chosen for this exhibition draws the line along and across the spectrum of emergence.  We are pleased to present the many faceted aspects of “Hidden and Exposed”.

            These exhibitions will be on-line at www.caladangallery.com from April 10 – May 9, 2011.  For more information, please call 617-838-8929 or email us at director@caladangallery.com.


Kathleen Hendrick (Southborough, MA) writes:   “Trees and forests can be so mysterious. From a distance you can’t tell what is hiding within them or what will you find as you move through them. What is just beyond view? A napping owl quiet and beautiful? An abandoned tree fort nestled in the boughs overhead? Are those footsteps you hear or merely birds or squirrels going about their business? This piece constructed with many layers of paper, acrylic, crayon and watercolor on masonite.”