Labyrinthine Earth

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The artwork for my solo show in June is complete. I am sooooo excited. I love the colors. This picture, of course, does not do the work justice. It’s the best shot I could manage with them all arranged on the floor. If you want to see the full effect you will need to come to Galatea Fine Art and check them out in person. The opening reception is June 7th from 6-8. The address for the gallery is 460b Harrison Ave, Boston, 02118. Come on down, I would LOVE to see you!



This is the latest in my new series. Where the others were 18×18, this is a small one that is 12×12. At some point I will have to take a picture of one of these at an angle. These are done on cradled gessobord and the sides are papered as well. That gives them a really nice look when they are hung on the wall. Time to create more papers! Oh, and please excuse the less than stellar picture!

Untitled New Work


This is the latest addition to my new body of work. This work is so different from the work I have done in the past. However, it has reinvigorated me and I feel it may be my best work yet. It rather reminds me of wood inlay or maybe mosaic. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I have two more pieces laid out and ready to glue down. I just need more time. That’s always the problem, isn’t it?!

BWR Evolution Gets Radical!

Well, I got a bit radical today.  I felt that this piece, overall, was a bit too bright.  Moreover, while I really like how the upper portions were evolving I was not happy with the bottom portions.  I sat for some time to figure out how to change what was there.  But sometimes you have to let go.  I let go of the parts I didn’t like by using a black glaze over them to reduce the red and reduce the “noise”.  I am happy with the result and I feel it gives me a fresh perspective.  I think I was stuck because I didn’t like where this piece was headed.  I have now given it a new direction and I feel great to have taken the plunge.  Now I have to go make guacamole for the Pats versus the Ravens.  GO PAT’S!!!!!!!!!

Art From Detritus

A new Art From Detritus exhibit, curated by Vernita Nemec, is opening in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, April 23rd.  My pieces, Angst Unleashed and Waxwork 2 will part of this exhibition.  I have attached excerpts from the press release below.  These exhibits showcase art made from recycled materials.  They are fascinating and worth checking out if you find the time or yourself in New York.

Update:  4/27/11  Check out my home page to see photos of Art From Detritus.

Williamsburgh Art & Historical Center (WAH)

135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 486-7372 or (718) 486-6012                      

  for immediate release    please list


  Willamsburgh Brooklyn- The Williamsburgh Art & Historical Center (WAH Center) is pleased to present the most exciting and creative solution to too much trash- “Art from Detritus: Upcycling with Imagination”- an exhibition of the art of nearly 60 artists who use trash to make their art and convey the message of the importance of recycling & “upcycling”. The exhibition extends from April 23 to May 29, 2011 with an opening reception & fashion show Saturday April 23rd 4-6PM at their historic location just over the Williamsburgh Bridge in Brooklyn at 135 Broadway. 

 “Art From Detritus: Upcycling with Imagination is a group exhibit of art made from recycled materials and trash. This exhibit serves to “continue the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people” because we all have too much trash. By focusing on recycling as the method and source for creating their art, these artists have made their artmaking serve as both a message and inspiration to the general public and businesses often intimidated by or not interested in fine art. The primary goal of this exhibit is to exhibit art that through its materials and techniques helps our environment. Art made from trash serves to continue awakening an awareness of the importance of recycling and demonstrates how recycling can be done creatively.  

 “Art from Detritus” continues the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people. This exhibit serves as a creative reminder that trash can be not only recycled, but also reused, to create beautiful and unique objects of art. All these artists see beauty in the discarded that fills and eventually serves to destroy our environment and realize this is a satisfying and rewarding way to creatively deal with the problem of too much trash.

 Since 1994, the changing group of artists in this exhibit has opened dialogues with viewers about the importance and usefulness of art as something beyond decoration.   The current exhibit at the Williamsburgh Art and Historical Center is the 19th realization of the concept. This exhibition gives talented artists who are outside the mainstream and whose artwork does not fit the prevailing fashion, a much-needed opportunity to exhibit. By curatorial choice many of these artists are ”emerging” artists, and still unknown, who continue to make art in which they believe, despite fame & fortune, thus far, eluding them. These artists often cannot afford studio assistants or expensive materials and equipment for art making. All see beauty in the discarded that fills and eventually serves to destroy our environment and realize this is a satisfying and rewarding way to creatively deal with the problem of too much trash.

  “Art from Detritus”, or art from waste, is an exhibition project that was conceived by Nemec, an artist as well as director of Viridian Artists Inc, in 1994 at a National Recycling Coalition convention. Besides demonstrating concern for our environment and creative use of trash, the exhibit also demonstrates ways to use our abundant trash as a solution for the artist unable to afford expensive materials & equipment with which to create. Many of the artists in these exhibits initially began to work with discarded materials because of their easy availability.

That first exhibit happened in Portland Oregon in the lobby of the recycled Sears Roebuck building & corporate headquarters for municipal waste & recycling in Portland who sponsored the reception and donated the site, during the annual conference of the NRC. Since then, the exhibit has occurred every year throughout the US with funding from the Kauffman Foundation and the Puffin Foundation as well as sponsorship by the NRC. In Pittsburgh at five sites including Westinghouse headquarters, the Museum of Arts & Crafts and the ,  Kansas City MO at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Phoenix, Turners Falls MA and NYC have all been Detritus exhibition sites since and in NYC, detritus exhibits have occurred at galleries, colleges and non-profit spaces  including the Henry Street Abrams Arts Center, Gallery 450, Viridian Artists Inc, Synagogue for the Arts, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Farleigh Dickinson University and others.

 Vernita Nemec, a.k.a. Vernita N’Cognita, is known in New York City art circles as a visual & performance artist (“The Endless Junkmail Scroll” and “Dress” (of catfood can lids) performed at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW), curator (The Art from Detritus exhibits happening nearly annually since 1994), gallery director (Viridian Artists, NYC) & arts administrator (former Executive Director of Artists Talk on Art & Soho20 Board of Directors). 

 This exhibit reaches beyond the art world, serving as a message not only about art but also about recycling for the good of the environment. People who have seen past Detritus exhibits are impressed with both the art and its message but more people must know about it. Help us spread the word!

 For more information or images, please contact the curator, Vernita Nemec, at or 212 925 4419.

Break Cabin Fever!

It’s been a tough New England winter and we’ve all probably spent a lot of time indoors this week.  That is, except for the time we’ve spent shoveling and clearing our driveways!  It’s Friday and time to break that cabin fever by getting out to the city.  Tonight is First Friday in Boston’s SOWA.  Galatea Fine Art is having an opening reception for an exhibit featuring the work of George Shaw – “The Sentinel” and Dominick Takis – “Recent Paintings”.  The reception is from 6-8.  Come on down and view the work of these talented artists.  While you’re there you can check out my piece, Winter Ascent: Map 1, that is on display in the member area.  There are lots of galleries to explore so come out and have some fun!

Art From Detritus

Vernita Nemec put together a wonderful and creative show for Art From Detritus.  The work was interesting, sometimes whimsical, and always imaginative.  I met so many lovely people at the opening and it was well attended.  At times it was so crowded that it was challenging to move around and see the art.  I have attached a few pictures below.  Enjoy!

Myself with my piece Angst Unleashed

Crowd shot with a chair sculpture made entirely from plastic cutlery.

A sculpture I loved made from dryer lint and a dryer sheet!

A “crowd” shot.

Buckley Map

I had a shirt that I no longer wore.  It had a wonderful map print with words and letters and images.  I decided to use it for my art.  I cut it up but found the material hard to work with.  So the other day I scanned it.  I printed a copy of one of my scans to the black and white printer by a mistake.  I decided to use it today.  I took a portion and glued it to my base.  Then I cut other portions and overlaid them over the first.  I finished by painting it in watercolor.  I used some of the colors of the original but added others that felt right.  I named it a Buckley Map for the large “B” and because my maiden name was Buckley.  The colors are muted having been painted over a black and white copy.  But that suits and old map, don’t you think?

Magical Map

My miniatures for the next couple of days are dedicated to Creative Every Day.  That’s because the CED theme for this month was water.  I sat at my table yesterday creating these small works using lots of water and realized that I was using the theme.  Something I don’t usually manage to do!  This piece was created using watercolors.  I kept layering and layering the colors and mixing and layering some more.  I would continuously add water so the colors would bleed and blend into one another.  When I had finally covered the entire area and felt satisfied with the end result I left it to dry.  Today I used markers to detail the edges of the shapes that had emerged.  When I was finished it looked rather like a map to me.  A map to a magical realm.  It may seem that it would be hard to follow this map because there are no lines or words.  Ah, that is because you need ancient knowledge that few retain in these modern times.  It can only be read in a peaceful place with sun streaming over ones shoulders.  Then those that are trained in the old ways can listen carefully, with their eyes closed, and learn the path to be taken from the sounds of nature.  In their mind’s eye they will see the completed map and find their way through veiled mists to a wondrous place.