Emerging Cosmos Has Emerged

I spent a great deal of time on this piece today adding fine details to areas that seemed a bit amorphous.  I think that it is finally complete.  I will have to live with it a few days to be sure, but at this point I feel there will be little if anything to be done.  It feels good to have finished it.  It is 36″x40″ and is the largest piece I have ever undertaken.  Woohoo!

Emerging Cosmos

My friend, Gina, suggested that it is time to name this piece.  I know she is right, so for the time being I will call it Emerging Cosmos.  I don’t know if that is the final name, but it will work for now.  Today I did my last little orb in the upper left corner.  It needs a little more work to be perfect, but I am happy with it so far.  I am having so much fun being a painter for a change.  In fact, this piece has no paper in it which is almost sacrilege for me!  But it’s always good to stretch our boundaries. 😀

More Mapping the Cosmos of BWR

I was able to spend time on my large canvas today.  I created a second map over the orb in the upper right hand corner.  I love how these “planets” look and I kind of feel like this piece is about some sort of flux in the cosmos.  Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now, but I wanted to put up the latest update.  Take care…

Mapping BWR


I have had a great day painting.  I do not consider myself a painter, per se, but I was today.  I decided to turn my orbs into round maps and I started with the lower one.  I have a calendar of antique maps and I took a round one as inspiration when I sketched out the shapes on my piece.  Since the map I was using was of the Artic (a rendering from the 1500’s) I guess you could say this is a statement about global warming!  I digress.  I have not done any detail work but I am thrilled with the was my map is progressing.  I will probably do the top orb before I get to the details.  I took a picture of the entire piece and then a detail so you can see my evolving map up close.  I have to stop for today but I can’t wait to continue tomorrow.

Destination Unknown

This is a new collage I am working on.  I haven’t decided where to go next or whether I may even be done.  It is a part of Asia, a place I have never been and may never go.  Who knows.  It is part of the new map series I have started.  Some maps I create myself and some works are created from existing maps.  Maps can be made to depict so many things.  With this one I was contemplating the enormity of our world and how little of it I am likely to see in my lifetime.  I compared the size of Massachusetts, the state in which I have lived the majority of my life, to the area contained in the map used for this piece.  It is a fraction of the size.  Yet, interestingly, I have probably not even seen all of Massachusetts.  There are towns and areas I know I haven’t explored.  Strange isn’t it?  I’ve been to Rome, Italy, but not to Dudley, MA.  Okay, so Dudley may not be an exciting destination, but it’s a lot closer to where I live.  Just musings on the world and our place it.

Winter Lace

This is a new work that I started today.  It is based off an old piece that I have reworked a couple of times now.  The original piece was started on foil.  I layered it with acrylic, colored over it with crayon, and added a bit of paper along the way.  Yet, I have never felt I achieved a result where I could call it “done”.  Hence, I have pulled it out and started embellishing once again.  I’m sure I am headed the right direction this time as I already like it better than in its last incarnation.  Today I merely added gesso to the surface and stippled it with crumpled wax paper.  The gesso felt too heavy in some areas so I took a wet paper towel and wiped away some gesso away and then stippled it a bit more.  It left this area that looks rather like a portal to me.  My plan was to add a layer of tracing paper and create a piece rather like Winter Ascent.  However, I need to let it sit a bit to decide whether that is the right direction.  Work and wait – work and wait.  Story of my art making!

Buckley Map

I had a shirt that I no longer wore.  It had a wonderful map print with words and letters and images.  I decided to use it for my art.  I cut it up but found the material hard to work with.  So the other day I scanned it.  I printed a copy of one of my scans to the black and white printer by a mistake.  I decided to use it today.  I took a portion and glued it to my base.  Then I cut other portions and overlaid them over the first.  I finished by painting it in watercolor.  I used some of the colors of the original but added others that felt right.  I named it a Buckley Map for the large “B” and because my maiden name was Buckley.  The colors are muted having been painted over a black and white copy.  But that suits and old map, don’t you think?