Marbled ATC’s

I had so much fun creating Turkish Delight that I thought I would do some more marbling with shaving cream today.  I wanted to experiment with different techniques, so I worked small and created a bunch of ATC’s.  I created more than the ones above but these are the ones that I liked the best.  Some ended up with more prominent lines where I took the shaving cream off.  If anyone has suggestions how to avoid that I am all ears.  I really should have been wearing gloves as my finger tips are tinted with various shades of ink. Oops!

Just for fun…

Today I wanted to put together a miniature collage postcard.  The thing is – I just wanted to have fun.  I didn’t want to think hard about it.  I didn’t want to worry about if the words made sense or the images fit together.  I just wanted to cut and paste and let what happens, happen.  This piece is the result.  I started by taking a colored piece of a page from a National Geographic and gluing it down.  Then I found some words that intrigued me and glued those down.  They were followed by pictures of bears (why? who knows!) and then a tree shape.  I glued some words down and pulled them away leaving lettered shadows.  Ultimately I gave it a wash of walnut ink.  In the end it didn’t seem cohesive (what a shocker!) so I placed pieces of tracing paper over the surface.  I actually like the end result.  I think it has a rather asian feel to it though I can’t say why.  Sure, I should be working on Emerging Cosmos, but I needed some time to decide what’s next.  This just kept the creative juices flowing!

Altered Book Transitions

I took some pictures of one of the altered books that I am slowly transforming.  I created a “movie” out of them using Picasa but I couldn’t figure out how to make it “play” once I uploaded it.  So, I return to pictures and have included a few that involve playing with tape.  I LOVE tape.  I apply it to sections of text of pictures, pull it up and make collages from the small segments.  I used black ink over and under the tape in a couple of them.  I really like the effect in the “relationship” page where the ink is the base.

Fun with Foam Demonstration

Here is how to have some fun creating art.  I learned this from my daughter who dis it in Chemistry.  I found that it is a well-known technique that is found easily on the web.  But Jen and I didn’t know about it and have found it to be so much fun!  Here’s a step by step approach…

First – the materials

Shaving cream, food coloring or ink, wax paper or a paper plate, and a toothpick or other object to make your design.

1.  Place a blob of shaving cream on your wax paper of plate.  The size will be largely determined by the size of the paper you will be using.  I did a fairly small blob to create a 3×5 index card.

2.  Spread the shaving cream out so you have a nice layer to which you can apply your color and later your paper.

3.  Place drops of food coloring or ink onto the shaving cream.  Food coloring is not archival – I’m hoping that the ink is.

4.  Using the toothpick or other object, swirl the ink until you have made a design with which you are happy.

5.  Place your paper, clean side down, over your design and press gently.

6.  Pull your paper off and gently scrape off the cream.  Paper towels can be used.

7.  Voila – a unique piece of art!







Fun with Boxes

I’m still working with a lot of 3D materials as I try to figure which direction I want to take.  I started transforming some boxes a while back and I had gotten them out recently for a demo that I did on collage.  I pulled them out today and started working on them again.  I also grabbed some new ones and began transforming them.. The idea is to cover them with crumpled wax paper.  Then I use a combination of ink and crayon to color the surface rendering the original box much harder to make out.  I have this growing fascination with using discarded objects as the basis for my work.  Green art so to speak.  I plan to eventually assemble these boxes into some sort of sculpture though I’m not sure whether it will be free-standing or whether it will hang.  I had used a lot of wax paper in the past and it’s fun to be working with it again.  I am using the cast-off wax paper that we had placed under my daughters school project to protect surfaces from glue.  Reuse and recycle.  I guess the Detritus show that I am a part of has had a real impact on me!

My boxes – some completed and some in progress.

The new boxes I started to transform today.

A better shot of the completed ones – or at least I think they are complete!


Cliffs at Sunrise

I love the feel of this piece though I’m not sure why.  I started by just brushing on some red and yellow watercolor – a very watery, pale wash.  Then while it was still wet I grabbed my india ink again.  I put a bit on here and there and moved the card this way and that to create patterns.  I get the feeling of granite cliffs like those I’ve climbed and the coloring suggests sunrise.  Perhaps like when I climbed the Grand Teton and started in the dark and climbed as the sun rose.  Enjoy your day!

Winter Branches

After very sporadically creating miniatures over the fall, I created four on Sunday.  It felt good to do them and I had a lot of fun.  That got me to thinking.  I think I had become burnt out doing them.  That’s why they trickled to just one here and there.  They became an obligation and weren’t fun.  Sunday they were FUN again!  I think I just needed a breather and I think I have to just do them WHEN it’s fun.  It’s it not fun it’s not worth doing.  Anyway, todays card started with gesso on a postcard.  While it was still wet I sprinkled a bit of water onto it and applied some india ink.  Then I tiled the card this way and that to create a pattern.  As I worked some of the gesso got incorporated into the ink.  It looked rather pretty to me.  I added just a touch of gold glitter (I am glitter crazy lately – must be the season).  When I sat down to post this it made me think of gnarled branches in winter.  What do you see?