Holy Cow!!

I took some pictures today to give me fodder for my miniature collage.  One of them was a picture of the blanket in my TV room.  I loved the way it was draped over the couch and decided to draw it in ink and then color it which I did.  I used colored pencils and crayon to color it as I had done it on printer paper which is NOT sturdy.  Once I had finished it didn’t look so much like a blanket to me as it did a left facing cow.  Oh well, so much for my rendering skills today.  I was working too quickly I suppose.  But, hey, why not a cow?  So, I grabbed my black acrylic paint and painted away the rest of the picture leaving just my cute little cow head.  On the right side of the picture my daughter saw a clown fish.  Any other suggestions?!  Once again, I have also posted the original picture.