When I was young I grew up on Cape Cod.  Our house had a cellar as most Cape houses do.  Unfortunately, most of them are damp, dank affairs and ours was no exception.  Which makes you wonder why the previous owners had a bar set up down there.  With those tiny windows and the dampness it just doesn’t seem like a place you would want to hang out!  Especially since the cellar would flood in the spring and we had a permanent pump in the floor to deal with the incoming tide.  As you stood facing the back wall there were doorways off to both sides.  One went to the furnace.  The other was a small room where my father engaged in artistic and creative pursuits such as working with stained glass.  The creepy thing about that room is that the door had a set of painted eyes on it.  Today I was looking at a mask that I had made in a collage class.  I mounted it on the door in my studio that goes into the attic (perhaps another creepy place?).  Looking at it reminded my of that doorway long ago in the cape house.  I thought I would share it.  The day we made the masks we were talking about how you often do art in colors that you wear and like.  At the time I didn’t even realize that the mask I was making was in the exact colors I had on – it took another friend to point it out!

Thinking about that cellar brough back another funny memory.  My friends and I were into watching Dark Shadows at the time I was living in that house.  One afternoon, after watching Dark Shadows, a friend and I were roller skating in the cellar.  The kind of roller skates that had keys.  Yeah, yeah, I KNOW I’m old! While we were skating the furnace kicked off and made a loud boom.  It scared us to death and though I don’t know how we did it, we went up the cellar stairs with those roller skates on!!  We took them off and threw them back downstairs as we were too afraid to descend again.  Ha ha!  I hadn’t thought of that in years!  Have a great day everyone!