–Miniature Collage

Here you can watch the postcard collection grow day by day.  I’d love to hear which ones you like.


4 thoughts on “–Miniature Collage

  1. Love the fact that you create something daily….
    Why the postcard size????And do you exchange them with other card artist? Size 4×6????? Or larger???
    I wrote a note to you somewhere else on you site, but do not know if I sent it???I have been looking at you cards for the last hour and loving each one.
    I met you at the Fountain St open house…I live in Marlborough and would like to hear more about your group in Southboro…Please send me more information.
    Tomi Higgins

    • Hi Tomi – I remember you well! I started on the postcard size because we had cards for an exhibition that got cancelled. I said I would take them and make art. It has given me something to post to my blog every day. I don’t trade them, though I would if other artists worked in that size. I think I’m a rarity. I’m so glad you are enjoying them – it is challenging and rewarding to continue coming up with new ideas. I have your card and will send you more information – probably next week. This is school vacation week and I am in the middle of totally redoing my daughters room. Phew! Talk to you soon! Kathleen

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