Have fun exploring the artwork in my various galleries.  Below I have provided a glimpse of what each gallery is about.  If you are interested in any of the artwork please contact me and I would be happy to send you a price list by email.

Artwork – New

This gallery showcases my most recent work.  Artwork remains here while new work progresses.  As the new work is completed it is displayed here and older pieces are moved to individual galleries.  Here you may find my forays into new concepts or expansions on existing themes.

Labyrinthine Earth

My current work is an exploration of color and shape. Using a process that yields varied and beautiful results I created a wide selection of papers. I find that the colors and designs bring to mind the earth and sky and that the use of rectangular and square shapes gives my new work a feeling of mosaic or granite inlay. Unlike my usual creative style of reacting to what is happening on my work surface, these works are very carefully designed, much like puzzles. I work to find the right balance of color and form by arranging my materials, on my work surface, until I have formed a cohesive design. I then deconstruct the pieces carefully photographing each layer. Lastly, I reassemble the piece setting each component in place permanently.


Through my work in Maps I explore the use of maps, our origins and the theme of finding ones path through the mystery we call life.

Miniature Collage

In December of 2009 I embarked upon a project to create one miniature collage per day.  Each of these collages is an original piece of artwork.  The collages are posted daily to this website.  As each collage is posted in my blog I describe in detail the process used in its creation.  I seek to use materials that I have close at hand on my table.  This includes a wide range of mediums, papers, inks, crayons, paints and markers.  Creating these small works of art leads me to explore new techniques that feed my art making.  Please visit this gallery to view the wide range of collages that have been created to date.

Waxwork Series

The artwork in my Waxwork Series Gallery is driven by my love of color and texture.  Each of these pieces uses ordinary, household wax paper to generate wonderful texture.  It is enhanced with many types of paper, ink, crayons, pencil, acrylic paint, watercolors, and markers.  The use of layers mirrors how people selectively choose to hide and reveal parts of themselves to the world.

Torn Series

Contained within my Torn Series Gallery is artwork inspired by my interest in the human psyche and human emotions.  The layers in these pieces reflect the layers of the human psyche.  People are continually making choices on what parts of themselves they feel comfortable or able to reveal as well as those parts they feel compelled to keep hidden.  These pieces are comprised of torn pieces of paper from various sources.  They are combined with a wide variety of materials to create dense and complex pieces that have many levels to  be explored.


My Meditation body of work is largely representational.  Through the use of shapes, images, color and light I seek to convey a soothing and meditative mood, to you, the viewer.  Spatial relationships within these works highlight emotions such as isolation, transformation and belonging as they relate to the human condition.

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