–Artist Statement

My art is an exploration of color, texture and emotion. I find great joy in creating work that brings together an interesting array of materials, mediums, and ephemera. As a mixed media artist I continuously explore the interactions of color and texture. My work is primarily abstract and allows each viewer to “see” different things based on their view of the world. I seek to make a connection with the viewer and evoke a mood or feeling with my work. My art incorporates both large and small scale shapes and images which allows the viewer to experience my work differently up close and from a distance.

I do not typically start with an end point in mind when I create new work. I prefer to select materials and let a piece evolve by responding to what is occurring on my work surface. I combine intricate drawings and abstracted forms to create dense and colorful images. I build my collages with materials ranging from fibrous Japanese rice paper, to common household resources. Layers are pressed, printed, removed, painted, scratched away and sanded.

My current work is an exploration of color and shape. Using a process that yields varied and beautiful results I created a wide selection of papers. I find that the colors and designs bring to mind the earth and sky and that the use of rectangular and square shapes gives my new work a feeling of mosaic or granite inlay. Unlike my usual creative style of reacting to what is happening on my work surface, these works are very carefully designed, much like puzzles. I work to find the right balance of color and form by arranging my materials, on my work surface, until I have formed a cohesive design. I then deconstruct the pieces carefully photographing each layer. Lastly, I reassemble the piece setting each component in place permanently.

The thread that connects all of my work is the use of layers, color and texture. These form the language I use to communicate with my audience.

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