Emerging Cosmos Has Emerged

I spent a great deal of time on this piece today adding fine details to areas that seemed a bit amorphous.  I think that it is finally complete.  I will have to live with it a few days to be sure, but at this point I feel there will be little if anything to be done.  It feels good to have finished it.  It is 36″x40″ and is the largest piece I have ever undertaken.  Woohoo!

5 thoughts on “Emerging Cosmos Has Emerged

  1. I’ve loved watching this piece come along. It’s awesome and I love the motion between the planets.

    • Thanks! It’s the first one that I have remembered to faithfully tale pictures of all along the way. How are you?!

  2. It is stunning Kathleen!!! And to think, your cosmos emerged at a time of planetary alighnments, solar flares, amazing activity in the auroras and one of the brightest full moons ever!!! Guess the cosmos is happy with your work too 😀 XXX

  3. Hello Kathleen this is a really interesting piece, it’s like in movement. Take a little time to digest it, I like to believe we have to digest our paintings before moving on, if anything just to enjoy them!

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