Winter Trees

I know I should be working on my canvas, and I plan to tomorrow.  Really!  However, today I worked on this piece that has been sitting on my easel for an awfully long time.  It started out as a work on aluminum foil that didn’t work.  Then I painted over it with black and called it Midnight Bloom.  Still, it didn’t seem right.  Eventually I applied white gesso over the surface.  Right around that time I also took pictures of the snow-covered trees outside my window.  I realized that the pictures rather resembled my piece.  So, after a full year (I told you it had been sitting for quite a while!) I sketched on trees in roughly the pattern that they appeared in my picture.  Then I put a wash of acrylic onto them.  It’s just a start but I am happy with the results already.  Now I have two pieces to work on which I think is better.  When one is drying I can move to the other.

11 thoughts on “Winter Trees

  1. Hello Kathleen, your winter trees are beautiful, I love winter, the light and cold beauty , as you would have seen over at dreamcolour, thanks for visiting. My pieces are mixtures of photography and paintings of mine which I mix using picassa. Thanks for sharing your beautiful trees, there is a real atmosphere to this piece.

  2. Kathleen, i love your winter trees! Already, there’s a sense of ice and cold… I’ve left canvases for long periods too. I’m glad you decided to pick this one up again. It really looks great. xoxo

  3. They’re beautiful. I loved the movement of the tree silhouettes against the icy blue background.. It’s also so peaceful.looking. and yet there is movement.

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