At play in the studio

I worked on this post card a few days, though, admittedly it is very simple.  I really like the texture I achieved.  I had pressed the postcard onto another sheet that had glass bead medium so there was a light skim of that on the surface.  I squeezed some white and black gesso onto the surface and spread it at angles with my palette knife.  I let that layer dry.  I came back to it and added a bt of yellow acrylic.  I didn’t like the effect so I hit it with a bunch of water and removed most of it.  I let it sit for another day or so.  Then I decided to apply some tissue paper to the surface.  I grabbed the yellow and put down a strip, followed by the green.  Then I finished with the small piece of yellow that actually looks like it is showing through but is on top.  The tissue paper is so thin that it was easy to get it to adhere to the glass beads easily.  I just used matte medium and a brush to work it into the surface.  It’s a bit dark but I’m happy.  I guess it’s another way to avoid my canvas – Emerging Cosmos – since I don’t know what to do next.  Tomorrow I will just dive in again!

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