Greetings From Belgium

I joined a postcard challenge being hosted by Art and Sole, here  For details about the challenge and the inspiration behind it you can click the postcard challenge icon in the right margin.  The basic premise is that two strangers begin a postcard exchange.  Be sure to visit Art and Sole to check out the other wonderful postcards that are being created!

Though this challenge started in January, I am jumping in a month late.  The country serving as inspiration for this weeks postcard is Belgium.  My brother and sister-in-law lived there for two years in Brussels.  I remember them talking about moules et frites.  As well, they brought back Chimay for us.  Soooo, I immediately thought of including those on my postcard.  I started with an antique map and finished with a quote from a song – can you place it?  Here is this, my first installment.  We begin with Brian who is in Brussels.



24 thoughts on “Greetings From Belgium

  1. I used to practice my French with a Dutch Belgian – it’s no wonder no one understands my french when I am in france,
    moule et frites is a good example of the (vive la) differences in these two cultures.

    love your card.


  2. Hi there! I’m looking around at everyone’s postcards…..thinking about joining in….glad to find someone else that is starting late. I really like your postcard and the story of how they found each other!!

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