Just for fun…

Today I wanted to put together a miniature collage postcard.  The thing is – I just wanted to have fun.  I didn’t want to think hard about it.  I didn’t want to worry about if the words made sense or the images fit together.  I just wanted to cut and paste and let what happens, happen.  This piece is the result.  I started by taking a colored piece of a page from a National Geographic and gluing it down.  Then I found some words that intrigued me and glued those down.  They were followed by pictures of bears (why? who knows!) and then a tree shape.  I glued some words down and pulled them away leaving lettered shadows.  Ultimately I gave it a wash of walnut ink.  In the end it didn’t seem cohesive (what a shocker!) so I placed pieces of tracing paper over the surface.  I actually like the end result.  I think it has a rather asian feel to it though I can’t say why.  Sure, I should be working on Emerging Cosmos, but I needed some time to decide what’s next.  This just kept the creative juices flowing!

4 thoughts on “Just for fun…

  1. This is a great intuitive piece Kathleen, and all the pieces together totally make sense to me…the bears are in the woods, and unless you know they are hidden…perfect connections 😀 XXX

    • Thanks. It was a lot of fun to put together. Sometimes you just have to do something where you don’t think too hard about it!

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