Mapping BWR


I have had a great day painting.  I do not consider myself a painter, per se, but I was today.  I decided to turn my orbs into round maps and I started with the lower one.  I have a calendar of antique maps and I took a round one as inspiration when I sketched out the shapes on my piece.  Since the map I was using was of the Artic (a rendering from the 1500’s) I guess you could say this is a statement about global warming!  I digress.  I have not done any detail work but I am thrilled with the was my map is progressing.  I will probably do the top orb before I get to the details.  I took a picture of the entire piece and then a detail so you can see my evolving map up close.  I have to stop for today but I can’t wait to continue tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Mapping BWR

    • Thanks! I consider that a great compliment. I have one of his worlds called “New Mexico”. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I am loving the progression of this piece 😀 Can’t believe you said your going to do the other orb before you get to the detail Lol There is already so much detail to my eyes 😀 XXX

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