Emerging Cosmos…


I am continuing to fine tune this piece.  I thought a side by side comparison would be helpful to see the differences, but they are subtle at this size.  At this point I’m not making major changes but rather fine-tuning parts that need more detail or making slight corrections of one sort or another.  I’m getting close and hope to finish letting the cosmos emerge this week. 🙂

Winter Trees

I know I should be working on my canvas, and I plan to tomorrow.  Really!  However, today I worked on this piece that has been sitting on my easel for an awfully long time.  It started out as a work on aluminum foil that didn’t work.  Then I painted over it with black and called it Midnight Bloom.  Still, it didn’t seem right.  Eventually I applied white gesso over the surface.  Right around that time I also took pictures of the snow-covered trees outside my window.  I realized that the pictures rather resembled my piece.  So, after a full year (I told you it had been sitting for quite a while!) I sketched on trees in roughly the pattern that they appeared in my picture.  Then I put a wash of acrylic onto them.  It’s just a start but I am happy with the results already.  Now I have two pieces to work on which I think is better.  When one is drying I can move to the other.



Arrived in Syracuse today. It’s gloomy and the city seems gloomy. We take the tour tomorrow and maybe things will seem brighter. I am trying to post a picture from my ipad for the first time. It is an abstract of the large canvas I am working on. We’ll see if it works!  It worked.  I forgot to mention that i am here in Syracuse to tour the university with my daughter.  It should be interesting.

Next Move – Emerging Cosmos

Okay, so I just had some fun!  I am trying to decide my next move on Emerging Cosmos, but I don’t want to mess it up at this point – I like it!  I felt as if the black that rises up from the bottom to between the two big planets needed to be more grounded.  So I opened the last photo I took of the canvas in Paint.  I got a shade of black that was reasonably close to the one in the photo and tried testing out what I wanted to do.  I like what I came up with and will try execution tomorrow.  Yes, I know the effect is rather rough in Paint, because I am no expert with it.  But it gave me confidence that I was headed in the right direction.  Tune in to see if my execution works.  I hope so!

At play in the studio

I worked on this post card a few days, though, admittedly it is very simple.  I really like the texture I achieved.  I had pressed the postcard onto another sheet that had glass bead medium so there was a light skim of that on the surface.  I squeezed some white and black gesso onto the surface and spread it at angles with my palette knife.  I let that layer dry.  I came back to it and added a bt of yellow acrylic.  I didn’t like the effect so I hit it with a bunch of water and removed most of it.  I let it sit for another day or so.  Then I decided to apply some tissue paper to the surface.  I grabbed the yellow and put down a strip, followed by the green.  Then I finished with the small piece of yellow that actually looks like it is showing through but is on top.  The tissue paper is so thin that it was easy to get it to adhere to the glass beads easily.  I just used matte medium and a brush to work it into the surface.  It’s a bit dark but I’m happy.  I guess it’s another way to avoid my canvas – Emerging Cosmos – since I don’t know what to do next.  Tomorrow I will just dive in again!

Greetings From Belgium

I joined a postcard challenge being hosted by Art and Sole, here http://art-and-sole.blogspot.com/.  For details about the challenge and the inspiration behind it you can click the postcard challenge icon in the right margin.  The basic premise is that two strangers begin a postcard exchange.  Be sure to visit Art and Sole to check out the other wonderful postcards that are being created!

Though this challenge started in January, I am jumping in a month late.  The country serving as inspiration for this weeks postcard is Belgium.  My brother and sister-in-law lived there for two years in Brussels.  I remember them talking about moules et frites.  As well, they brought back Chimay for us.  Soooo, I immediately thought of including those on my postcard.  I started with an antique map and finished with a quote from a song – can you place it?  Here is this, my first installment.  We begin with Brian who is in Brussels.



Just for fun…

Today I wanted to put together a miniature collage postcard.  The thing is – I just wanted to have fun.  I didn’t want to think hard about it.  I didn’t want to worry about if the words made sense or the images fit together.  I just wanted to cut and paste and let what happens, happen.  This piece is the result.  I started by taking a colored piece of a page from a National Geographic and gluing it down.  Then I found some words that intrigued me and glued those down.  They were followed by pictures of bears (why? who knows!) and then a tree shape.  I glued some words down and pulled them away leaving lettered shadows.  Ultimately I gave it a wash of walnut ink.  In the end it didn’t seem cohesive (what a shocker!) so I placed pieces of tracing paper over the surface.  I actually like the end result.  I think it has a rather asian feel to it though I can’t say why.  Sure, I should be working on Emerging Cosmos, but I needed some time to decide what’s next.  This just kept the creative juices flowing!

Emerging Cosmos

My friend, Gina, suggested that it is time to name this piece.  I know she is right, so for the time being I will call it Emerging Cosmos.  I don’t know if that is the final name, but it will work for now.  Today I did my last little orb in the upper left corner.  It needs a little more work to be perfect, but I am happy with it so far.  I am having so much fun being a painter for a change.  In fact, this piece has no paper in it which is almost sacrilege for me!  But it’s always good to stretch our boundaries. 😀

More Mapping the Cosmos of BWR

I was able to spend time on my large canvas today.  I created a second map over the orb in the upper right hand corner.  I love how these “planets” look and I kind of feel like this piece is about some sort of flux in the cosmos.  Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now, but I wanted to put up the latest update.  Take care…

Mapping BWR


I have had a great day painting.  I do not consider myself a painter, per se, but I was today.  I decided to turn my orbs into round maps and I started with the lower one.  I have a calendar of antique maps and I took a round one as inspiration when I sketched out the shapes on my piece.  Since the map I was using was of the Artic (a rendering from the 1500’s) I guess you could say this is a statement about global warming!  I digress.  I have not done any detail work but I am thrilled with the was my map is progressing.  I will probably do the top orb before I get to the details.  I took a picture of the entire piece and then a detail so you can see my evolving map up close.  I have to stop for today but I can’t wait to continue tomorrow.