Fun with Mediums

Okay, I just couldn’t resist putting this image in at full size.  It has so much more impact that way.  It may not be the most beautiful postcard I’ve made, but I like the colors and the way I created it was so much fun that I wanted to share it.  I started with a postcard, as usual, that had bright pretty colors.  When I started I didn’t expect to ever see those colors.  I took crackle medium and covered the surface of the postcard.  There were a few small gaps, where I didn’t do a perfect job with my palette knife, but I kind of liked them and opted not to fill them.  I let it dry and came back the next morning.  It had crackled like crazy.  I started using a water soluble crayon to add color and then applied water with a brush.  As I was doing this parts of the surface cracked right off.  Oops!  I didn’t mind but I know that this card wouldn’t last without an “intervention”!  Inspiration struck.  I grabbed some self-leveling clear medium that I had bought.  I poured some onto the surface and spread it out.  Voila!  It is now completely sealed and has a lovely glossy finish.  I liked the result so much that I just put crackle on another postcard to take another stab at this new game.  Happy Monday!

p.s.  I wrote about YOU, my fun blogging friends, in my other blog.  If you’re a wee bit curious about what I had to say, you can check it out here…

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