BWR Evolution


I spent time on my large canvas today.  I thumbed through my postcards and art to look for inspiration on where to go next with this piece.  I do plan to add more words but that wasn’t where my head was at today.  I decided that I love sort of odd-shaped checkerboard patterns and I decided to try adding that to this piece to see how it would look.  I chose the narrow sections around some of my orbs as I thought it would integrate them into the overall design better.  So far I am happy with the result and I do feel the orbs now feel more integrated and incorporated into the overall design.  I also used marker on some of the words to bring them into sharper focus.  I am moving forward with this piece and it feels good.  I have to keep my momentum going even at the risk of taking a misstep.  I have to remember that this is a fluid, process-based piece that will continue to evolve.  Missteps are all part of the journey!  I posted a before and after picture so I could see my progress.  The first picture (before) is a bit over exposed but still allows for comparison.

2 thoughts on “BWR Evolution

    • I was surprised at what a difference it made- and that it actually worked with the piece. :). Now i have to keep this head of steam!

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