The Time Machine

Those of you who are younger will not remember an old, old show called The Time Machine.  Those around my age may remember it.  There was a black and white vortex that was somehow used to travel through time.  It’s so long ago that I don’t really remember the much about the show, but this design reminded me of it.  It is the start of a new two page spread in my altered book.  I haven’t decided where to go next or whether I will actually keep going.  I don’t need to decide that now.  I just like the colors, the shape, and the way that one starts at the bottom of the page and the other starts at the top.  I am easily amused! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Time Machine

  1. I remember….sexy dark haired men…lol I soo have a thing for dark haired men!!! 😀
    Love the feeling you get from this piece…sort of solid and movable at the same time 😀 XXX

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