This digital collage is part of an experiment.  A couple of years ago I decided that I would like to collage on old windows.  I found a woman nearby and went and purchased 3 of them for a song.  They are still sitting in the garage which probably drives my husband crazy.  But he’s patient and knows that I will use them eventually.  I saw a window in New Mexico that had old photos in the panes surrounded by metal.  It was interesting and gave me an idea.  I’ve always wanted to keep the transparency of the panes, not obscure them entirely.  So I’ve decided to create some digital collages, print them onto transparencies and try applying them to glass to see if this will be a worthy use of my windows.  I may also try to find some transparent inks to play with in terms of painting on the collages.

For this collage I started with the scan of a page from a old calendar that was my Aunts.  It is a reproduction of an old travel poster.  In photoshop I added a layer that was a picture of concreate.  I did this in order to try and “age” the appearance of the original image.  Finally I added a third layer which is a picture of my parents on a cruise ages ago.  They loved to take cruises.  I flattened the image and made it black and white.

I have all of the old family photos and there are people in the box that my siblings and I can’t identify.  I’m thinking I might scan those and create stories for them in the form of collages.  We’ll see…

8 thoughts on “Cruising

  1. What a fabulous idea…sort of like making your own stained glass window. Will the light fade them through the glass? What would you stick them to the glass with? 😀 XXX

    • All good questions! I am thinking I will use matte or gloss medium to adhere them to the glass, though I have no idea how well this will work. I will try it out on a test surface to see. And will the light fade them? Probably. I’m not thinking they will be hung in front of a window, or used as a “window”. More likely they would hang on a wall, or as a divider of sorts. I’ll provide updates as I progress!

    • You may be right. I’m not even sure I can find inks that would work the way I want them too. But it’s all part of the fun to explore and see where this leads! Certainly sepia would be a good start considering the subject matter I am pursuing to start. Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

  2. The size thing could be a problem, but you could make a transfer/ acrylic skin. You’re limited to the size of the printer though. Might be interesting to test out on a smaller piece of glass.

    Nice website! Glad I clicked, spent some time looking around.

    • Wow. A skin is a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks! Can’t wait to stop by you site! Thanks for stopping by!

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