Color Blocks

This miniature collage started in one place and ended in another.  Another example of my art telling where it needs to go!  I began by applying a thick layer of gesso to a large postcard.  Once it was dry I drew designs on it with a water-soluble crayon and softened it with water.  Today began using watercolor to add detail to the surface.  But unfortunately I ended up with what looked like a face, and an unhappy one at that.  So, I had some tissue paper close at hand and began applying it in small pieces.  As I went along the pieces grew larger and the result much more compelling.  I love the color blocks in this and the way you can see through the layers.  It was a good start to my day and though I would love to move onto my large canvas  right now the grocery store beckons.  Ugh!

Fun with Mediums

Okay, I just couldn’t resist putting this image in at full size.  It has so much more impact that way.  It may not be the most beautiful postcard I’ve made, but I like the colors and the way I created it was so much fun that I wanted to share it.  I started with a postcard, as usual, that had bright pretty colors.  When I started I didn’t expect to ever see those colors.  I took crackle medium and covered the surface of the postcard.  There were a few small gaps, where I didn’t do a perfect job with my palette knife, but I kind of liked them and opted not to fill them.  I let it dry and came back the next morning.  It had crackled like crazy.  I started using a water soluble crayon to add color and then applied water with a brush.  As I was doing this parts of the surface cracked right off.  Oops!  I didn’t mind but I know that this card wouldn’t last without an “intervention”!  Inspiration struck.  I grabbed some self-leveling clear medium that I had bought.  I poured some onto the surface and spread it out.  Voila!  It is now completely sealed and has a lovely glossy finish.  I liked the result so much that I just put crackle on another postcard to take another stab at this new game.  Happy Monday!

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Court Jester

What a beautiful weekend it has been here in New England.  I had hoped to do a lot of art last week but it was not to be.  It was a crazy, hectic week filled with lots of activities that could not be avoided.  No matter.  It’s Sunday and the start of a brand new week of adventure.  On Friday I did make it upstairs for a short while to play at my table.  The first thing I did was to put this postcard together.  I call it Court Jester because I see a jester with a silly hat in the white paint.  This was a piece of wax paper that I was using as a drop cloth while doing other work.  I cut this section and glued it to an old postcard that had a rather prominent color design.  It provides some interesting shapes beneath the wax paper.  I also started a couple of other larger postcards that are still in process.  I’m thinking that they may get posted tomorrow.  We’ll see.  I have to help hang at show at Galatea Fine Art and get my daughter to a doctor’s appointment.  But I can still hope!

BWR Evolution Gets Radical!

Well, I got a bit radical today.  I felt that this piece, overall, was a bit too bright.  Moreover, while I really like how the upper portions were evolving I was not happy with the bottom portions.  I sat for some time to figure out how to change what was there.  But sometimes you have to let go.  I let go of the parts I didn’t like by using a black glaze over them to reduce the red and reduce the “noise”.  I am happy with the result and I feel it gives me a fresh perspective.  I think I was stuck because I didn’t like where this piece was headed.  I have now given it a new direction and I feel great to have taken the plunge.  Now I have to go make guacamole for the Pats versus the Ravens.  GO PAT’S!!!!!!!!!

BWR Evolution


I spent time on my large canvas today.  I thumbed through my postcards and art to look for inspiration on where to go next with this piece.  I do plan to add more words but that wasn’t where my head was at today.  I decided that I love sort of odd-shaped checkerboard patterns and I decided to try adding that to this piece to see how it would look.  I chose the narrow sections around some of my orbs as I thought it would integrate them into the overall design better.  So far I am happy with the result and I do feel the orbs now feel more integrated and incorporated into the overall design.  I also used marker on some of the words to bring them into sharper focus.  I am moving forward with this piece and it feels good.  I have to keep my momentum going even at the risk of taking a misstep.  I have to remember that this is a fluid, process-based piece that will continue to evolve.  Missteps are all part of the journey!  I posted a before and after picture so I could see my progress.  The first picture (before) is a bit over exposed but still allows for comparison.

BWR Progress

I am very excited so I had to get right on and post about it.  I had decided I wanted to add some text to my black, white and red canvas.  Rather than painting or writing the text, I wanted to print it out and transfer it to the canvas using matte medium.  To do this I had to print the words backwards which is an option that my print menu does not afford me.  However, I have found the answer!  I opened a Word document and typed in some text as word art.  Then I pulled the right side of the word art over the left edge which reversed the text.  Voila!  I printed the reversed text and applied it to the canvas.  It was a bit of a rudimentary attempt that needs more care and precision.  All the same, I am happy to have found the solution.  Check back later for further updates on how well I can make this work for me!

Black and White and Red All Over…?

Hmmmmm, I know the answer to the riddle that starts that way is the newspaper, but I’m talking about a large canvas I have in progress.  I felt compelled to try to work large.  It seems that so much work is done on a large-scale and I should try it.  It has been very difficult for me.  It’s hard to “play” with a large piece.  It’s harder to work on an easel instead of flat on my table.  The large pieces seem to take forever, mostly because I am stymied by them.  The first one took a long time and I was happy with the result.  This one , which 36’x48′, is also taking a long time and I’m somewhat at a loss where to go next.  I thought I would post a picture because I think whatever I do next may be radical and push much of the current work into the background.  Then again, I’m not sure of that.  You’ll just have to wait and see – much like me!

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