Lemon Yellow Day

Today was a busy day.  Hence, this post is later than usual.  The color for the day in Build A Rainbow was Lemon Yellow.  I had a scan of a  yellow, foreign costume from an old book.  It wasn’t lemon yellow but I used it as the base for today’s contribution.  Over that I layered yellow tissue paper.  That was more lemony but the color underneath shaded it a bit.  I added a few yellow dots along the edges for good measure and finished with the diagonal number.  I had cut that number of out Parade magazine.  I can’t tell you what I liked about it but it resonated with me.  The yellow and black looked good so I glued it down and decided it was done.  I can’t wait to go explore the other color contributions for today!

10 thoughts on “Lemon Yellow Day

  1. Kathleen, I like the idea of adding more and more color in slightly different hues (I think hues is the correct word). The typography is definitely cool, kind of a stenciled 70s rock poster look. Thanks for your contribution to the rainbow!

      • Thanks, Rick. Yes, these forms seem to flow from my hand and climb the page. much like a piece of ivy. I kept trying to find a shade of “lavender” in my markers. I’m not sure I succeeded but I like the monochromatic feeling with a touch of gold.

  2. a thought on the numbers: I think the yellow is very strong. the numbers have strength because we read them. that in itself is a great power.

    the yellow is a different kind of “reading” but just as strong – or at least it can hold up to – stand with – the numbers.

    as a result I begin to compare and contrast these two powerful components, looking for relationships, links, similarities – how are these two things connected how are they alike, different etc. …because that is what our mind does when we see things with this kind of deliberate proximity.

    in this case I begin to feel that there is some kind of relationship. they are both so strong for one thing. it becomes an intriguing journey to explore.

    we do not have to find the exact connection or relationship when the journey and exploration are engaging enough. that mystery in itself is appealing. or at least it is for me. that’s why this works for me.

    • I like your idea that the yellow and the numbers are both strong. That balance of strength might be what gives the piece a coherent feeling. Perhaps because we can read the number we attribute that coherent or “powerful” feeling to it since it is the most prominent. It is fascinating when something as simple as a number can generate a strong response. Or maybe we are drawn to the number because we are subconsciously processing what it might mean. In any case, thank you for the ideas!

  3. I really like this, Kathleen. Yellow is a difficult color to work with. I like the suggestions of things going on under the yellow and the numbers add another reason to weave a story about this one. Very cool.

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