Build a Rainbow – Part Deux

I am back to building rainbows with my friends from Daisy Yellow.  The color for today was Pale pink or salmon.  I chose pink – even though I’m not much of a pink person.  I mixed some pink paint and I loved that it looked and had the texture of frosting.  I decided to go bigger than my tags this week and move up to a postcard size piece of work.  I upcycle old unused exhibit cards into miniature pieces of art.  So I grabbed one and spread the paint/frosting on with a palette knife, icing my postcard.  My first swipe left some of the art from the postcard showing through and I liked that effect.  Once it had dried I was wondering what to do next.  I considered leaving it as is, but then decided to add some words.  Sort of an amateur Haiga.  Writing on the paint with my sharpie was not as easy as I had hoped so my execution wasn’t so great.  Oh well, what are you going to do?!  I also posted some pale pink 5’x5″ valentines I made last year.

Check out other rainbow participants at:

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