Miniatures Mosaic

In 2009/2010 I created a colection of miniature collages that I did on old, unused exhibition cards.  Yesterday I was visiting the sites of many artists who participated in a Art Every Day For A Month Challenge.  Many of them had made mosaics of the art they created for the month.  I just put Picasa on my system which can easily make collages out of your pictures.  Getting excited I went to the folder where I had pictures of all my miniatures and hit the collage button.  With a little tweaking on my part, what you see above is the result.  I love it and it was SOOOOO easy.  What fun.

I am also participating in something called Let’s Build A Rainbow on a blog called Daisy Yellow.  Every day there is a color of the day that you use in a piece of art.  Today’s color was red or pink and I did a couple of new tags for this challenge.


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