Floral Burst

This is a miniature that I created before Thanksgiving.  However, with the holiday I just couldn’t manage to get it posted.  That and the fact that my husband was working at my desk!  I had applied a layer of black acrylic mixed with matte medium.  I liked it but it was dark.  Once it had dried I mixed a few bright colors on a piece of wax paper and then pressed/swirled it onto the surface.  I let that layer dry and then did some coloring over the textured surface with red, yellow and white crayons.  The last step was to apply a thin layer of glass bead medium.  I’m thinking I didn’t need that last step but I am happy with the result.  It looks like a mass of beautiful blooms to me.  What do you see?

Floral Burst

I just played to create this one.  I started with a thin layer of gesso.  I painted onto the ends with blue and orange watercolor and let the paint run towards the center.  I was a bit dull so I started peeling dried matte medium from my work table and gluing it down!  I liked the color and texture.  I accentuated it by painted over it and outlining parts of the shapes that were appearing.  I took some green acrylic and painted in the white areas as they were too stark.  I like the final result.

Watery Color Streams

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