This Moment – And Why Not?

I have a book that I am altering.  On some of the pages I have randomly doodled in pencil or marker.  Today I decided to play with tape to create my miniature.  I was thumbing through my book to find something I might want to “pick” up with my tape.  When I saw my doodles I wondered if the color and design would come up as easily as the words.  The answer is yes.  I started with some colored pencil – but the card I was using as a base over powered the design.  I then tried some designs I had drawn in marker.  They came through beautifully.  I chose a few of them and transferred them to the card.  On one page I had been selecting words and boxing them.  The two phrases in this piece just called out to be added.  I can’t say why but I’m glad they are there.  And why not?!

This Moment

6 thoughts on “This Moment – And Why Not?

    • If you love books – it can be hard! The trick is to find a book that has outlived its life and that you don’t feel guilty about taking to a new and better place. Go for it!

  1. I really like the designs. They remind me of Native Americans living in the Northwestern US and I like including words in my art – I just don’t do it very often. I think I’ve found a “book” I can alter so I may start working on it soon.

    • Good luck with the book. I can’t wait to see what you may do with it. I like to include words too, but it can be difficult. I liked these because they let you use your imagination rather than being too direct.

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