Architectural Surf

I continue creating, as Linda Halcomb calls them, my little jewels.  The ones today are each quite diverse from each other.  The odd title of this post relates to the first one pictured below.  I look thickened heavy gel medium and plopped 3 globs onto the postcard.  I tinted one with blue, one with green and one with yellow.  I swirled and moved the gel around until I liked the design and the colors melded a bit in the process.  At this point I thought I liked the colors.  Ah, but it was evening and in the morning light the colors didn’t look near so appealing.  So I coated the surface with a thin layer of icy blue.  Still I felt I needed to push on.  The next day I mixed some white acrylic, glass bead medium and a bit of gloss medium and applied that to the surface.  Voila!  I loved the result.  Somehow it looks architectural to me – like stucco perhaps?  At the same time I could also see swirling, foam-flecked surf.  What do you see?

Architectural Surf

This next piece was another that stymied me.  It had layers of black acrylic, rice paper and pale green before I added some red.  Once it had dried I added a layer of heavy gel medium mixed with glass bead medium and red acrylic.  I etched a design into it and I thought it would show nicely once it dried.  Not so much!  So, I took some red mixed with a bit of gloss medium and lightly went over the surface trying to highlight the etched design.  It worked reasonably well.

Red Etchings

This one below is Man Versus Nature.  I can’t remember what the original image was.  I took a picture from a magazine and glued it down to a piece of canvas textured paper and pulled it off to leave color and texture behind.  I saved the magazine scrap as it looked interesting.  When I picked it up today I saw a manmade structure at night with reeds and grasses in the foreground.  I glued it to a postcard, colored in the grasses and also the structure.  I wish I had left the structure white, as it was, but there is no going back!

Man Versus Nature

This last piece I just called Three for lack of a more original idea.  It was also a piece of magazine that I glued down and ripped off.  I put a thin wash of color over the areas where the color from the paper had been pulled off and thinned.  I ripped the shape out, and glued it over a postcard on which I had laid a base of color.  While I could have gone further I liked the look of it as is.


6 thoughts on “Architectural Surf

  1. Oh, I get stopped on the first one. It’s wonderful. It kind of scares me in a way, and I’m not sure why, but I like that. 🙂 I like the other works a lot too. My mind visualizes things in each, which is just the way I like it.

    • I really love the first one and I’m glad you can visualize things with each one. Tha’s one of the things I like about working abstractly; that I can touch viewers and each in different ways. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I really like that one you think looks like surf. I think it looks like the coming winter as much as or more than the ones you featured on winter, earlier. It also has a rather ghostly and lonely feel to it.

    • Thanks Leslie. It seems to elicit varying emotions even from one person (such as myself). It is one of my favorites from my recent work.

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