Broken Poetry

Here are a couple more miniature collages that I have created over the past week.  The name of this post is for the first miniature.  I took ordinary invisible tape and placed it over sections of poems in a discarded children’s book I got at a used book sale.  I have been using it to create an altered book.  As I pulled the tape away I captured bits and pieces of the poetry.  They were mostly poems about the outdoors.  I placed these snippets over an unused postcard that had very pretty colors.  I like the way that the colors show through and you can read bits and pieces of the poetry.

The next piece I call Red Dragon.  While it doesn’t actually have the shape of a dragon, it made me think of red Chinese dragons.  I took more of the semi congealed heavy gel medium and added red acrylic to it.  I placed a dollop of it onto a postcard and used a palette knife to manipulate it.  When it had dried I used white acrylic to paint around the edges and in some of the open areas.



10 thoughts on “Broken Poetry

    • I love that I can go back and know exactly how I put a piece together. Then if you want to use the same techniques you have a road map. Thanks for stopping by!

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