Touch of the Coming Winter

I feel I have been touched myself by the coming winter.  Perhaps only in my thoughts, but those thoughts have come to life in my postcards.  Each has a feel about them of winter or of Christmas.  Here are a few I created over the past couple of days…

Lace 1

I have a jar of heavy gel medium that is partially dried out.  I used it on a number of collages to provide an interesting texture and 3-D effect.  For this one I merely laid a coat of it down and used a sharp instrument to draw lacy designs.  Once it had dried I took some white acrylic and brushed lightly over the surface to just highlight the etchings.

Frosty Evening

The picture of this one is on the dark side.  I used a lot of gloss medium which made getting an effective picture difficult due to reflection.  I painted on a black base coat over which I used a palette knife to lay down some white acrylic mixed with gloss medium.  I then added just a bit of wintry blue over the white, again, with a palette knife.  A frosty evening or a shimmery snowfall at night?


I probably should have kept going with this one but I just like it as it is – simple and delicate.  I just dabbed on white paint mixed with gloss medium.  It was supposed to be a base coat but I liked it too much to go any further…

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