Arts Benefit You

They’re BAAAAAAACK!   Yes, I have started creating miniature collages again.  I had a nice long time off to get recharged and approach them anew.  I had stopped when they became a struggle and I felt I had exhausted possible ideas.  But, with the onset of cooler weather I am ready to explore these smaller art forms again.  Today I got three larger postcards started and I finished two smaller ones.   The pictures and descriptions follow…

Arts Benefit You

This collage started with a layer of black ink of an unused art exhibit card.  Over the black I dabbed a layer of white ink that left a lacy effect.  From there I applied layers of tape in grid patterns.  I put another layer of white ink over the tape, though it had little effect.  Lastly, I used tape to pick up the words and image of a person and placed them as the top layer.  As an artist I feel strongly that truer words cannot be spoken.


Dessert Blooms

I placed a layer of white gesso over the face of a postcard to give me a blank base.  Onto that I applied a piece of wax paper that had been used in the creation of some other pieces of art.  I liked the color and design left behind on the paper.  Once I had put it together it brought to mind the colors of the dessert when cactus are in bloom.


4 thoughts on “Arts Benefit You

    • Thanks Linda! I feels good to be making these small works again. I am going to do a small installation of them for a small works show in December so I wanted to create some new ones to add to my collection.

    • Thanks! It is acrylic. That is my primary choice when it comes to paint. I have a large canvas – maybe I could make one of these work! I managed it before. Have a great day. 🙂

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