Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky, 14 by 17 inches, Mixed Media on paper

This is a piece I put together on Monday.  It rather reflected the autumn day we had here in New England.  Though the forecast was for sunny skies, the day was overcast and dreary.  I put this together by gluing down and then pulling off sections of magazine pages.  I had previously painted a reddish-orange phoenix on the paper as practice for another piece on which I was working.  It leant an interesting background as I built up layers of color and texture.  I decided to take the color of the phoenix over some of the base I had laid down.  I also took away some of the white that was showing though by adding some grey to the background.  I felt I wanted to do some stamping and grabbed a rubber tool that is supposed to make a wood grain texture if used appropriately.  I used it inappropriately as a stamp!  Finally, I took the tree from a large image in the magazine.  The color and shape seemed so  right.  It was a photograph of trees taken in silhouette during sunrise.  It was one of many trees but this one was the right one.  Once I had added it I felt the overall look was about the sky, which is what my background work had become.  I can almost feel a damp blustery wind as I gaze at it.