Awash in Water – Take Two

I had an amazing morning in the studio.  Last year I did loads of miniature collages on recycled postcards.  One of those miniatures was entitled, Awash in Blue.  I particularly liked it and decided to use it as an inspiration for a large canvas.  It was a daunting undertaking going from a postcard, roughly 4″x6″, to a 30″ by 40″ canvas but decided to go for it.  I have been working on this canvas since last summer.  Bit by bit I continued to chip away at it.  I have never worked this large so it was slow going for me.  I am also typically a process artist.  I don’t normally start with a preconceived notion of what I am going to do, but rather let the work emerge.  So, this piece was a drastic change of approach for me.  Well, today, for the first time, the canvas actually looks like the original miniature!    You can see the miniature on the lower left corner of the easel.  I am thrilled and amazed and excited.  It is by no means finished, but I am making huge progress and I am eager to keep working towards completion.  I had planned (as always) to take pictures all along the way.  There is even a pink post-it on the top of the easel to remind me.  Well, I forgot to do this but I have posted the couple I took at the start of the project below.  Wahoo!


8/7/10                   8/24/10               10/22/10               11/21/10               12/05/10


4 thoughts on “Awash in Water – Take Two

  1. Wahoo indeed. I can feel the water washing over the surface. Really interesting work and talk about scaling up! Great job.

    • Thanks, Linda! It was daunting working so large, but now I can’t wait to start another large piece!

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