Fun with Foam Demonstration

Here is how to have some fun creating art.  I learned this from my daughter who dis it in Chemistry.  I found that it is a well-known technique that is found easily on the web.  But Jen and I didn’t know about it and have found it to be so much fun!  Here’s a step by step approach…

First – the materials

Shaving cream, food coloring or ink, wax paper or a paper plate, and a toothpick or other object to make your design.

1.  Place a blob of shaving cream on your wax paper of plate.  The size will be largely determined by the size of the paper you will be using.  I did a fairly small blob to create a 3×5 index card.

2.  Spread the shaving cream out so you have a nice layer to which you can apply your color and later your paper.

3.  Place drops of food coloring or ink onto the shaving cream.  Food coloring is not archival – I’m hoping that the ink is.

4.  Using the toothpick or other object, swirl the ink until you have made a design with which you are happy.

5.  Place your paper, clean side down, over your design and press gently.

6.  Pull your paper off and gently scrape off the cream.  Paper towels can be used.

7.  Voila – a unique piece of art!







9 thoughts on “Fun with Foam Demonstration

    • I have to say, my daughter and I had a lot of fun experimenting with this. And everytime I get the materials out she seems to materialize and make one or two herself. We already have quite the collection. I’ll have to post some more!

    • Do I wait for the cream to dry before wiping or scraping it away with a paper towel? If it is still wet, what prevents it from smearing the pattern created with the toothpick? I purchased the shaving cream and have the inks. This could be used as background to abstract work or ink drawings, I think.

      • No, you don’t have to wait for the cream to dry. You scrape it off gently while it is still wet. As long as you use paper there rarely is any smearing. I have tried to do it on canvas board with limited success – it smears a little to a lot most of the time. I had two successes and can’t figure out why! But nearly all of the work on paper was fine. I wanted to do this on canvas but it doesn’t seem to be a good plan. However, that said, I was successful using tracing paper which I can then apply to the canvas. If you are REALLY gentle you can even get some limited success with tissue paper. I’m not sure why the design stays so well on paper. It was clearly a chemistry concept, but my daughter wasn’t clear on what it was. They were obviously having so much fun that the lesson got lost!

  1. yeah. fun. i wonder about it as far as materials go – but for some things – yeah. fun. even the altered book page i could see experimenting with this. the real fun is doing it with someone who’s having fun with you. cool on that too. aloha.

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