Golden Postcard

A postcard to brighten your day.  This is a small one – only 3″x5″.  Okay, it was an experiment in a new technique I learned from my daughter.  And she learned the technique in her Chemistry class.  So, what’s the new technique you ask?  I plan to post a step by step description later today – so come on back later!

9 thoughts on “Golden Postcard

  1. So you’re saying there is a connection between science and art…good, though I’m not much of a scientist. 🙂 I love this wonderful yellow colour, it would be so cheery to get this little postcard in the mail!

    • Yes, there is a link. I had hoped to post my process yesterday but my husband absconded my office/studio so I didn’t have access. Today has been too hectic but I’m hoping to post it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

    • Yes, I’m thinking that’s what I will try as well. I was thinking of trying to do this on a canvas and then working over it with markers. Have fun!

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