Altered Book Spread 6

Here is the latest installment in my altered book.  I started this spread by gluing down two layers of tracing paper.  This gave me a nice textured surface from which to work.  I next mixed some green watercolor and applied a watery layer of it to the page enjoying the way in settled into the wrinkles on the paper.  Once that had dried I lightly dabbed the surface with gesso and then went further to rub some of the wrinkles with the gesso to pick up the design of the texture.  I added some blue and red watercolor over this but was not thrilled with the result.  Once that had dried a bit I went back over the entire surface with a watery layer of gesso tinted with a bit of watercolor.  I liked the pastel color of the surface after that application.  Today I added the marker designs at the bottoms of the pages.  The green was a bit stronger than I would’ve liked.  However, it does lend some nice contrast.  The pink was just the right intensity for the effect I was seeking.  Overall I am pleased with the result.

4 thoughts on “Altered Book Spread 6

  1. aloha Kathleen – i like your process. especially what happened with the texture of the tracing paper – and how it allows the text to come through as structure. yeah. i like that a lot.

    as an aside:
    i scanned more of the altered book i was doing backgrounds in and found it interesting to see some of my thought process as i moved from page to page. i bring that up because in those earlier pages that are already on my blog the paint almost entirely obliterated the text. in later pages i could see my thought process shift to keep more of that underlying structure visible. much as you’ve done here.

    when i was scanning i thought may be i had left too much to consider it finished (as the intent was to use it as background). seeing your treatment here and liking it, may be i’m more on target than i thought the other night. and may be it’s still more finished than i originally thought too. ha.

    i roughly counted up and i’m not as nearly through the book as i’d thought – the painted pages being thicker it just seemed like i was farther along. i’m actually about half way through it. seeing your work excites me to continue adding. and may be get around to posting a few more pages. ha. again. fun too. aloha.

    • I sometimes entirely obliterate what’s underneath but I too liked the way the words came through on this one. In fact, I started another spread where I boxed the text and have only modified the margins. I’m not sure where it’s going but it’s a unique approach I haven’t tried before. It’s amazing how you can think you’ve done so much and then find that you really haven’t. The altered pages do give you that illusion. I will have to stop by and see if you have posted any new spreads! Hloha and have a great day!

  2. I love the work being done by both you and Rick. Two years ago the IMA education department gave a class on altered books. Since then I read about it when I can. I can think of two book lovers that might appreciate one of these as a gift. Can’t wait to watch as you and Rick proceed.

    • I started doing altered books in a collage course that I took. For book lovers it’s a hard thing at the start! But, if it’s a book that was moldering unused somewhere or one that has already been damaged it’s a little easier to take the plunge. Thanks for the kind words, Linda. You should check out an artist named Rosamund Purcell. She has done some beautiful and amazing work in altered books.

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