Altered Book Spread 5 – Take 2

This two page spread is a wide departure from the others done thus far.  However, I like it’s bold graphical style.  I figured out that it is the torn edges of the black segments that make them appear a bit 3-D and as if, at times, like they are not glued down.  They are.  To those I added marker, crumpled and sanded magazine scraps, and some rice paper which can’t really be seen.  I like the rather dark mood of it.  Perhaps it is a result of all the dark weather we’ve been having.  We actually got a “moment” of sunshine this morning and I’m hoping for more before I go off on my bike ride.  Enjoy!

Spread 5 – Take 2

Spread 5 – Take 1

4 thoughts on “Altered Book Spread 5 – Take 2

  1. cool. aloha Kathleen. yeah, those dot/spirals have a strong “eye” sense to them for me. as if peeking through a narrow space. one of the areas i like a lot is the checkerboard area because there again, you have that push/pull background/foreground sense going on in a very balanced way that switches back and forth for me… cool. aloha.

    • Interesting, I like the checkerboard sections as well. I like having the lines move so the size and shapes of the squares change as you move through it. I did that on a small tag and liked the effect. I tried to get a bit of symmetry between the two pages without going overboard on that concept. I like where I ended up. Thanks!

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