Altered Book – Spreads 4 and 5

My altered book is about all I have had time to work on this week.  I have been creating a new website for my art.  These two spreads are not complete yet, but I thought I would share their progress so you can see them develop.  I particularly like the black and white one.  The paper looks almost as though it is 3D for some reason.  And it plays with my eyes.  Is it black paper on white or white paper on black?  It is, in fact, black on white.  I love the power of this spread and can’t wait to get back to work on it.  The other spread is delicate.  More delicate than any of the other spreads I have done in this book so far.  I’m not sure if I am going to try to punch it up more, or leave it soft as a rest for the eyes from the other more colorful pages.  I think perhaps it needs some small details to contrast with the larger more prominent shapes.  Time will tell.

The sun is shining here in New England today for the first time in days.  I got out for a ride on my bike to enjoy it and it was wonderful.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Spread 4

Spread 5

3 thoughts on “Altered Book – Spreads 4 and 5

  1. wow.

    yeah. wow.

    aloha Kathleen – yeah, these are both beautiful pages. you know at one time i think i thought about what you did on spread 4 – and have completely forgotten about it since. sheesh. beautiful.

    yeah too on the black and white. yes the foreground/background shifts. it will be fun (imo) to see if you can keep that balance as you work on this. i think the torn edges help in that they can easily be read as torn white as they can as torn black.

    yeah three – i’m almost always most excited about the thing i am working on as being (at least one of) the best things i’ve ever done. a few weeks later and… not so much. by then i’m working on something else. occasionally i see something way back a year or two ago that i like almost as much as when i worked on it. usually it’s the next new thing i’m doing that is the one i like tho. i agree we do progress and so there is some of that in our thinking that THIS one NOW is the best. may be.. it’s that NOW is always our best moment. hmmmmm…. cool on making our moment of now our best ever. i like that. fun. aloha.

    …ps… your books make me want to get going on mine. and, they give me a new thought way of working. may be… doing my backgrounds… is completing the page? hmmmm… i’ll have to give this some thought. i dont quite think it will work as i have been doing backgrounds. altho the way i have been moving toward – i think that way may be a becoming that i’m not fully aware of and could easily develop into completion. yeah. i like that thought. i’ll have to think on that too. cool on your book. aloha.

    • Haha! Thanks Rick! It’s wonderful when you manage to achieve a “wow” reaction. I hope you post pictures of yours if you get them going. Then I can get some ideas from you! Aloha…

      • bwahahaha – aloha Kathleen. yeah, wow is a fun reaction to get, i have to agree.

        the book i’m mostly working in at the moment… hmmm… i think i posted several pages from this book not long after starting this blog. altho recently the book has taken a slight curve in what i’m doing (one of the issues of creating over an extended period of time) – and i’m not quite sure if i should consider the pages to be almost finished or if it’s still really just background.

        yeah. this post was some of the first pages in this book:

        now i’m closer to the end but still have plenty of pages to go (i think). okay, i’ll see if sometime soon i can post a few of the more recent pages – altho they have a relationship with these pages they’ve also shifted a bit too. fun.

        and yeah, i like what we are both doing and swapping ideas is awesome cool. aloha.

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