Fun with Boxes

I’m still working with a lot of 3D materials as I try to figure which direction I want to take.  I started transforming some boxes a while back and I had gotten them out recently for a demo that I did on collage.  I pulled them out today and started working on them again.  I also grabbed some new ones and began transforming them.. The idea is to cover them with crumpled wax paper.  Then I use a combination of ink and crayon to color the surface rendering the original box much harder to make out.  I have this growing fascination with using discarded objects as the basis for my work.  Green art so to speak.  I plan to eventually assemble these boxes into some sort of sculpture though I’m not sure whether it will be free-standing or whether it will hang.  I had used a lot of wax paper in the past and it’s fun to be working with it again.  I am using the cast-off wax paper that we had placed under my daughters school project to protect surfaces from glue.  Reuse and recycle.  I guess the Detritus show that I am a part of has had a real impact on me!

My boxes – some completed and some in progress.

The new boxes I started to transform today.

A better shot of the completed ones – or at least I think they are complete!


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