Alterations and Prototypes

I have been at work all morning in my studio and have worked on a number of different projects.  I have posted below the next two page spread in my altered book.  As usual I believe that this is a good start, but likely not the final rendition.  However, for the time being I’m letting it dry thoroughly while I determine where to take it next.  I also did some work on an old altered book, though I have not taken pictures of that one.  It had some issues with pages threatening to fall out so I worked to get it back to a more stable condition.  My thought is to perhaps enter it in a juried show called Industrial Design, but it will likely need some more work to be worthy.  More on that later.

I am also working on a three dimensional piece using recycled (or rather upcycled) materials.  I am aiming to make these materials beautiful and then hang them in such a way that they also cast lovely shadows.  I have been fascinated by work that is able to combine those two aspects.  I have posted some pictures below of some of the “contestants” for this project.  I have tried using bottles, but today latched onto the idea of using clear packing materials.  They cast a lovely shadow and the colored drawing I have done on them comes through in the shadows.  I am still experimenting and haven’t come up with the ultimate answer yet.  However, I feel I am working in the right direction!

4 thoughts on “Alterations and Prototypes

  1. I loved the new colors you have introduced. The orange or copper is a real shift from your customary blues and greens. I thought it quite stunning.

    • Thanks! It’s really what I had at hand. I was using the scraps from the materials Jen used for her hot air balloon.

  2. Love the book pages, especially how the orange line diminishes on one side and reappears, poking through, on the other. Hope we get to see the finished recycled project.

    • Thanks, Leslie! It’s fun to be working at an altered book again. And yes, when my recycled project comes together it will debut right here!

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