New Altered Book

Yay!  It’s Friday.  I have done a lot of art today which makes me VERY happy!  I did a collage demo yesterday and it got me all fired up to work.  I worked on my large canvas today as well as starting a new altered book.  I don’t think the canvas is ready for prime time yet, though maybe that’s not true.  Many people post their works of art as they progress.  I’m not sure – it is not a thing of beauty yet!  I thought I would post the first two page spread of my new altered book.  I started by gluing down magazine scraps and then pulling them off.  I like the rough surface and remnant that gets left behind.  I added some scraps of tissue paper, some glazing and some crayon.  It was a lot of fun to put together and a great release.  I should have maybe have done that before I worked on the canvas to get warmed up – but I did the opposite.  Once I got to a point on my canvas where I wanted to stop and give it more thought, I wasn’t ready to stop making art.  So, that’s when I grabbed a book I had gotten specifically to turn into an altered book.  I haven’t finished with this spread, but it was a good start.

It’s a gorgeous day here in New England and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

8 thoughts on “New Altered Book

  1. What a good start. I like the look of age to what you have, here. The suggestion of imagery that once was in this book. I keep hearing that the paper book will be slowly phased out. I am a reader and have grown up with the feel of a book in my hands. I would dislike seeing it passing. Can’twait to see your large canvas!

    • I too love books and am saddened at the thought of them being phased out. This one is on architecture and I got it at a used book store for a song. This might become my new daily project. A little more work on the canvas and I may provide a glimpse!

  2. aloha ArtiMagica – yeah. i like your book too.

    i know what you mean about bringing a work up to a point and then needing time to understand the next part to it – and not being ready to stop the act of arting that is doing. good choice to go to the book.

    i have a book – several. that i keep near where i’m working. i add to them frequently. i think of the additions mostly as background with the intent to go back and then work on each background surface. altho i’m starting to like some of the backgrounds a lot as they are. bwahahahahaa. doing more would just mess that up. i like that process tho. i use paint i’ve mixed and then have a dab that is left over when i’m working on something, to add to the book. most of my work right now is very small so there isnt a lot of paint like there might be on a big canvas. still… i have several altered books going so… it still might work. i also use that left over dabs of paint to work backgrounds on other paper for paintings too.

    you have an outstanding altered book going. it’s way fun, yes.

    yeah, like you i do not want to see books phased out. i dont think that will happen fast or soon. but i can see the need for hard books being reduced.

    the thing is, books on demand are relatively easy to do right now and the only way those books can exist in a lot of cases because it’s so hard for the novice to get into a publisher’s sphere. at least it seems that way to me. so those books, where there may be only a few dozen in the world may be the directions books take. …???

    cool on altering books at this point tho. i look for books that are some how damaged (this is mostly my source) or so common that it’s almost pointless to have another of that book around. or books that are going to be destroyed by publishers or book stores because of over printing. . .

    paint on. it’s the little experiments that i like that lead to great stuff as often as anything else. cool on painting on. aloha.

    • Hey Rick! Sorry to be so slow responding. Sometimes life gets the better of me. Thanks for you comments on the book. I typically get my books at the swap shop at the dump or a used book store near my sister. I always look for ones that seem to be on their last legs so I don’t feel guilty having my way with them. This one is interesting because it is larger than most I have worked on before. Because the pages are large they seem to distort easier. So, I am finding I need to glue a couple or more together to make them more sturdy. I work much the same way you do – I use up the odds and ends from other projects that I have on my table. Much the same technique that I used for my miniature collages. I haven’t worked on my book for days and I am aching to get back. I don’t think there will be time today – though maybe tonight. And I guess there’s “always tomorrow”. Aloha!

      • ha. aloha ArtiMagica – you know i dont get around to blogs i like nearly often enough. so no worries about slow responding. every time i peak in here where ever i land interests me.

        yeah – sounds like we’ve gone through similar processes on how we select our books.

        yeah too – sometimes i skim right along on these things and some times i’m slows. i still have a major project to complete with my dotcom. i know i’m slow to do it. it’s business related and i’m terrible about that kind of thing. …i am making progress however. slow. but still progress. ha.

        fun on our books. aloha.

      • It’s funny – each time I start a new book I feel like it is so much better than the last. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I always feel that way! Perhaps it’s just because it’s new and different. On the other hand, we are always growing our art and skills, so it would be natual that each one builds positively on the last. Good luck with your project! Aloha…

    • Thanks again! I’m happy with the bold graphics in this spread the slight 3D feel I achived with it.

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