Angst Unleashed

The Art From Detritus exhibition opened Saturday at the Williamsburgh Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY.  This is an exciting exhibit of art made from upcycled materials.  Two of my pieces, Angst Unleashed and Waxwork 2, are a part of this exhibit and are shown below.  It is a great show if you have the chance to stop by and check it out.  For full details click on my current exhibits page.

Angst Unleashed – 2010 – 24″w x 30″ h

Paper, acrylic, ink and watercolor

Waxwork 2 – 2008 – 20″w x 16″h

Wax paper, acrylic, ink,  pencil and asst. papers

5 thoughts on “Angst Unleashed

  1. How wonderful that your pieces could be in a show like that! It must be exciting. 🙂 I really like both, but there is something about that second one I really like, partially the colour, but also the way it looks like it’s moving or something.

    • Thanks! It is exciting! It also feels great to be a part of an art show that is all about reusing materials from society and being green. The second piece, Waxwork 2 has always made me think of surf crashing up against rocks on a sea coast. Perhaps because I grew up next to the water. I feel the movement too.

  2. Found you on CED and love your two works. We have a festival for work made from recycled material but it’s held outside in a small town – nothing like the exhibit for your beautiful work.

    • Thanks! I think it’s great that you are having a festival for the same type of work! Where is it held? I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂

  3. Actually, we used to live in Morocco 40 years ago when we were in the Peace Corps. We hadn’t been back since, and we’d not been to the south, so it was both old and new for us. We always wanted to go back – but then, there are so many places to go. Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way. There are plenty more Moroccan segments to come!

    And I’m going to keep an eye on your beautiful work.

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