Hidden and Exposed

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  My piece, Autumn Sentinels, has been juried into an online exhibition, called Hidden and Exposed, at Caladan Gallery.  The exhibit will be available for viewing starting Sunday, April 10th.  The gallery director, Marjorie Kaye, puts together beautiful and interesting online shows so stop by and check out this new one.  I have included excerpts from the press release below.  Have a great weekend!



PRESS CONTACT:  Marjorie Kaye@Caladan Gallery  (617) 838-8929

             CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition entitled “HIDDEN AND EXPOSED”.  Snow melts and underneath the surface is the face of flowers, plants and earth, making their way towards the inevitable and the ephemeral.  A thought is kept contained for reasons only known to the thinker.  A pulley in time executes the thought’s rapid delivery, thus creating a chain reaction of cause and effect.  The truth is found under festering lies.  The existence of more realms of outer space and the universe are revealed. 

            It is, perhaps, the perfect time of year to present this exhibition.  That which was previously hidden is coming to the surface, in the form of life and warmth.  Spring is a sign of renewal.  When this is transferred to the realms of emotion, memory, and identity, does the emergence of hidden complexity signify a return to innocence, a renewal of mind and soul?   Is there a parallel between the innocence of the blossoming in nature’s terms and the life of the soul?  The work chosen for this exhibition draws the line along and across the spectrum of emergence.  We are pleased to present the many faceted aspects of “Hidden and Exposed”.

            These exhibitions will be on-line at www.caladangallery.com from April 10 – May 9, 2011.  For more information, please call 617-838-8929 or email us at director@caladangallery.com.


Kathleen Hendrick (Southborough, MA) writes:   “Trees and forests can be so mysterious. From a distance you can’t tell what is hiding within them or what will you find as you move through them. What is just beyond view? A napping owl quiet and beautiful? An abandoned tree fort nestled in the boughs overhead? Are those footsteps you hear or merely birds or squirrels going about their business? This piece constructed with many layers of paper, acrylic, crayon and watercolor on masonite.”

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