Destination Unknown

This is a new collage I am working on.  I haven’t decided where to go next or whether I may even be done.  It is a part of Asia, a place I have never been and may never go.  Who knows.  It is part of the new map series I have started.  Some maps I create myself and some works are created from existing maps.  Maps can be made to depict so many things.  With this one I was contemplating the enormity of our world and how little of it I am likely to see in my lifetime.  I compared the size of Massachusetts, the state in which I have lived the majority of my life, to the area contained in the map used for this piece.  It is a fraction of the size.  Yet, interestingly, I have probably not even seen all of Massachusetts.  There are towns and areas I know I haven’t explored.  Strange isn’t it?  I’ve been to Rome, Italy, but not to Dudley, MA.  Okay, so Dudley may not be an exciting destination, but it’s a lot closer to where I live.  Just musings on the world and our place it.

5 thoughts on “Destination Unknown

  1. The little figure looks like some of the oriental figures we saw when Doug had a work assignment in Taiwan. Thailand also had some amazing mountains. So you are right on target.

    • Thanks! I love the figure which is why I wasn’t sure where to go next. It seems rather simple, but maybe that’s okay.

    • Thanks, Pevaeva! That means a lot coming from another collager. I felt it might be done, but sometimes it’s just hard to decide. Thanks for the feedback!

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