Destination Unknown

This is a new collage I am working on.  I haven’t decided where to go next or whether I may even be done.  It is a part of Asia, a place I have never been and may never go.  Who knows.  It is part of the new map series I have started.  Some maps I create myself and some works are created from existing maps.  Maps can be made to depict so many things.  With this one I was contemplating the enormity of our world and how little of it I am likely to see in my lifetime.  I compared the size of Massachusetts, the state in which I have lived the majority of my life, to the area contained in the map used for this piece.  It is a fraction of the size.  Yet, interestingly, I have probably not even seen all of Massachusetts.  There are towns and areas I know I haven’t explored.  Strange isn’t it?  I’ve been to Rome, Italy, but not to Dudley, MA.  Okay, so Dudley may not be an exciting destination, but it’s a lot closer to where I live.  Just musings on the world and our place it.

Tsunami Vision

I was doing some art the day before the tragedy struck in Japan – nothing serious, just playing with some paints.  I went back to look at the art a few days later and was taken aback by how the art I had created reminded me of the tsunami that had occurred.  It seemed so strange.  I have posted them below, unfinished, so tell me what you think.

Third Prize at Southborough Juried Show

Hello all.  I have not posted in almost a month.  That’s hard to believe.  That may the longest span in quite a long time.  I’m afraid we lost a family member in February – my Aunt.  She was truly a great lady and I will hold dear all of my memories of times we spent together.  I’m not sure why this caused me to absent myself from the blogosphere, but it seems like it did.  However, I return with happy news.  I took third prize in the Southborough Juried Art Show for my piece, Fractured Reality.  I am truly honored as there was so much beautiful work.  The jurors for this exhibit are Randi Isaacson, Marjorie Kaye and Lynne Damianos.  The opening reception is Sunday, March 27 from 2-4 pm in Southborough.  You can find directions at the web site –

All three pieces I submitted were accepted into the show and I have included them below.  They are all miniatures collages that I framed and are created on recycled postcard mailers.  I displayed them large so you can see their details.  If you are able to come to the opening there will be refreshments, wonderful art, and great company and conversation!

Fractured Reality

Waxed Tapestry

Garden Mosaic