Glorious Sunrise

There have been so many beautiful sunrises this winter.  I am up at 5:30 each day so I am awake to greet the sun as it climbs over the nearby hill.  I have reached for my camera many times and have started to amass a collection of these photos.  Of all of the shots I’ve taken, this one from yesterday is my current favorite.  I think the colors are just amazing.  This is providing more inspiration for a new piece.  I’m thinking that I will do a base with colored papers and paints.  Over that I will use ink or paint to put in the silhouettes of the trees.  I’m so glad not to have missed this.  I ran from the first floor up to the third to grab my camera for the shot.  I took two before this one but they were not as well focused and the colors were not this deep and wonderful.  I think I managed to snap this at the peak moment.  Timing is everything!

6 thoughts on “Glorious Sunrise

  1. I used to see these when I had to be up before sun up to get horses leg wrapped and in a trailer to travel to a horse show. Ha! I see more sunsets than sunrises these days. This is gorgeous!

    • There are some days (like today maybe!) that I’d rather miss them. But if you’re going to be up you have to enjoy the little things. Thanks!

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