Cutting Loose!

I have a large canvas that I bought a year ago.  I started working on it ages ago but my progress has been VERY slow.  I started out with the idea of using one of my postcards as my guide.  However, once I lay down a base coat of color I changed my mind and went in another direction using maps.  It sat for a long time before I did a bit of stamping and then drawing.  I kept trying to “plan” it and afraid to make the “wrong” move I became stuck.  I finally decided today that I needed to just CUT LOOSE.  Not worry about a master plan, and not obsess over every move.  It was so liberating!!!!  I had printed out some materials to use and I cut and tore and glued them down with abandon.  Then I felt there was too much contrast between the glued materials and the base coat so I mixed some paint, took a roller and roughly rolled paint over the surface.  In one day it has been transformed!  I feel like I can work on it now.  Like there is no “wrong” step to take.  After all, this is collage and if I don’t like it I can keep changing it or gesso and start again!  I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to reach this point.  I have also decided to go back to my original plan to use my postcard as a guide.  So, I have a rough idea of where I am headed even if I don’t have an exact plan for getting there.  I guess what I have learned is that there is a time for careful planning and other times when you just have to act.  And really, there was no down side so what was I waiting for!!!  Whew!  That felt great today!  I would post a picture but it’s really not much to look at right now.  But I’m taking pictures at each stage and will be able to show a progression when I feel it is more ready for prime time.

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