Winter Lace

This is a new work that I started today.  It is based off an old piece that I have reworked a couple of times now.  The original piece was started on foil.  I layered it with acrylic, colored over it with crayon, and added a bit of paper along the way.  Yet, I have never felt I achieved a result where I could call it “done”.  Hence, I have pulled it out and started embellishing once again.  I’m sure I am headed the right direction this time as I already like it better than in its last incarnation.  Today I merely added gesso to the surface and stippled it with crumpled wax paper.  The gesso felt too heavy in some areas so I took a wet paper towel and wiped away some gesso away and then stippled it a bit more.  It left this area that looks rather like a portal to me.  My plan was to add a layer of tracing paper and create a piece rather like Winter Ascent.  However, I need to let it sit a bit to decide whether that is the right direction.  Work and wait – work and wait.  Story of my art making!

4 thoughts on “Winter Lace

    • Thanks. I tried working on it today and am having trouble deciding how to mesh the “portal” with the other areas. Not sure how I’ll proceed – it will take more “thinking” time. There is beautiful, though light, prismatic color in the portal section that I don’t want to lose, but I may have to let it go to work the whole piece. TIme will tell.

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