Break Cabin Fever!

It’s been a tough New England winter and we’ve all probably spent a lot of time indoors this week.  That is, except for the time we’ve spent shoveling and clearing our driveways!  It’s Friday and time to break that cabin fever by getting out to the city.  Tonight is First Friday in Boston’s SOWA.  Galatea Fine Art is having an opening reception for an exhibit featuring the work of George Shaw – “The Sentinel” and Dominick Takis – “Recent Paintings”.  The reception is from 6-8.  Come on down and view the work of these talented artists.  While you’re there you can check out my piece, Winter Ascent: Map 1, that is on display in the member area.  There are lots of galleries to explore so come out and have some fun!

3 thoughts on “Break Cabin Fever!

  1. brrrrrrrrrrr. i have to say the ice crystals in your winter AND Winter Ascent: Map 1 are very cool. …not to mention way chilly. you pegged this one in your title. way fun on First Friday – have fun… i remember shoveling my drive for 10 years in upstate NY. i miss it. once in a while. for a couple of weeks or so… …yeah, i know it’s been a tough winter. be safe on the roads and stay warm – aloha.

    • Whew! First Friday was fun last week – once we got there. Traffic was the worst I’ve ever seen it going into Boston on a Friday night. We suffered big time. But the exhibits by our friends and fellow members were wonderful. Thanks for the kind words on my winter piece. We have had more than our share of snow this winter. I like snow but even I need a break. Our neighborhood roads were one lane for days until they finally widened them today. And that’s probably because we are getting 2-3 inches tomorrow. Blech! Post some sunny warm pictures for me to revel in!

      • ha. the sun does come out here… it’s just that some times it can rain a lot too. it’s in rain mode now… i’ll see what i have for sun tho. . . cool on having fun on first Friday. yeah, i’ve seen boston under one snow lanes. yick. …of course i’ve seen boston in snow with the sun out too – that can be beautiful. i still need to find a way to get my cintiq fixed. but i’m making progress else where. stay on the fun track – life’s better that way. aloha.

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