Hopes and Dreams At Nourish

My piece, Hopes and Dreams, has been juried into an exhibition at Nourish Restaurant in Lexington.  The exhibition is entitled Harbingers of Spring and will run from March 1 through May 30.  Though we had snow today, the days are getting longer and Spring can’t be too far away!

Glorious Sunrise

There have been so many beautiful sunrises this winter.  I am up at 5:30 each day so I am awake to greet the sun as it climbs over the nearby hill.  I have reached for my camera many times and have started to amass a collection of these photos.  Of all of the shots I’ve taken, this one from yesterday is my current favorite.  I think the colors are just amazing.  This is providing more inspiration for a new piece.  I’m thinking that I will do a base with colored papers and paints.  Over that I will use ink or paint to put in the silhouettes of the trees.  I’m so glad not to have missed this.  I ran from the first floor up to the third to grab my camera for the shot.  I took two before this one but they were not as well focused and the colors were not this deep and wonderful.  I think I managed to snap this at the peak moment.  Timing is everything!

Cutting Loose!

I have a large canvas that I bought a year ago.  I started working on it ages ago but my progress has been VERY slow.  I started out with the idea of using one of my postcards as my guide.  However, once I lay down a base coat of color I changed my mind and went in another direction using maps.  It sat for a long time before I did a bit of stamping and then drawing.  I kept trying to “plan” it and afraid to make the “wrong” move I became stuck.  I finally decided today that I needed to just CUT LOOSE.  Not worry about a master plan, and not obsess over every move.  It was so liberating!!!!  I had printed out some materials to use and I cut and tore and glued them down with abandon.  Then I felt there was too much contrast between the glued materials and the base coat so I mixed some paint, took a roller and roughly rolled paint over the surface.  In one day it has been transformed!  I feel like I can work on it now.  Like there is no “wrong” step to take.  After all, this is collage and if I don’t like it I can keep changing it or gesso and start again!  I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to reach this point.  I have also decided to go back to my original plan to use my postcard as a guide.  So, I have a rough idea of where I am headed even if I don’t have an exact plan for getting there.  I guess what I have learned is that there is a time for careful planning and other times when you just have to act.  And really, there was no down side so what was I waiting for!!!  Whew!  That felt great today!  I would post a picture but it’s really not much to look at right now.  But I’m taking pictures at each stage and will be able to show a progression when I feel it is more ready for prime time.

Winter Lace

This is a new work that I started today.  It is based off an old piece that I have reworked a couple of times now.  The original piece was started on foil.  I layered it with acrylic, colored over it with crayon, and added a bit of paper along the way.  Yet, I have never felt I achieved a result where I could call it “done”.  Hence, I have pulled it out and started embellishing once again.  I’m sure I am headed the right direction this time as I already like it better than in its last incarnation.  Today I merely added gesso to the surface and stippled it with crumpled wax paper.  The gesso felt too heavy in some areas so I took a wet paper towel and wiped away some gesso away and then stippled it a bit more.  It left this area that looks rather like a portal to me.  My plan was to add a layer of tracing paper and create a piece rather like Winter Ascent.  However, I need to let it sit a bit to decide whether that is the right direction.  Work and wait – work and wait.  Story of my art making!

Break Cabin Fever!

It’s been a tough New England winter and we’ve all probably spent a lot of time indoors this week.  That is, except for the time we’ve spent shoveling and clearing our driveways!  It’s Friday and time to break that cabin fever by getting out to the city.  Tonight is First Friday in Boston’s SOWA.  Galatea Fine Art is having an opening reception for an exhibit featuring the work of George Shaw – “The Sentinel” and Dominick Takis – “Recent Paintings”.  The reception is from 6-8.  Come on down and view the work of these talented artists.  While you’re there you can check out my piece, Winter Ascent: Map 1, that is on display in the member area.  There are lots of galleries to explore so come out and have some fun!

Autumn Sentinels March On

I did some more work on my Autumn Sentinels.  I sharpened the trees of the forest and did a bit more sharpening on the primary trees out front.  I feel I am getting close to being finished but I need to live with it on my easel a bit longer to decide if there is more tweaking that I want to make.  It’s a slow process but it’s working so far!  Here’s a progression of its development.