River Genie

I felt like posting today.  I can’t really say why – just felt like it.  I didn’t actually do much art.  The one small piece I worked on is drying and waiting for more attention so I can’t post that yet.  So I decided that maybe I would post a picture I’ve taken.  Something creative.  As I quickly scanned through my photo’s this one caught my eye.  It’s a picture of my daughter that I took this summer.  I was fascinated with her shadow in the water at the river.  She began trying out different poses to see what effect we could get.  This one was my favorite.  The “river genie”  loves me!  I call it the river genie because to me it looks like a genie when it comes out of a bottle.  Mmmm, there goes my imagination again!

2 thoughts on “River Genie

  1. bwahahahaaha aloha Artimagica – i like your thinking with this image and yeah – Great shot! way fun. River Genie – yeah, way fun and great heart image that you and your daughter created. shadows are really fun things to photograph (imo).

    • Ha ha! Thanks! She’s usually the one behind the camera these days, but she still likes being the subject too. She loves to experiment with her shots so this intrigued her.

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